Online Communication Bridges Generation Gap

A joint research-report examining how people of all ages use online communications and social networking was released by Microsoft and AARP earlier this month.

Connecting Generations explains how online communication is bridging the generation gap. No longer seen as simply something for kids, computers and the online communication they facilitate is being embraced by elders as a method of improving family ties. “Going online actually helps them to better understand other family members or helps other family members understand them,” the report’s authors point out.

Among the report’s findings:

  • 83 percent of the 13- to 75-year-olds surveyed considered online interactions a “helpful” way of communication with family members
  • 30 percent of the grandparents surveyed said that connecting online helps them better understand teen and young adult grandchildren. 29 percent of grandchildren felt the same about their grandparents.
  • The majority of teens surveyed believe the computer increases both the quality and quantity of communications with family members who live far away.

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