We’ve Added Some Great New Features!

If you know someone who is using PointerWare software for seniors, you’ll be excited to hear about some great new features we’ve recently added to PointerWare.

  • Super-Simple Wordprocecessing
    The wait is over! Users can now create, format and print documents using PointerWare’s new built-in word processor. Perfect for composing letters, writing memoirs or typing up any other kind of document, our new word processors is just as intuitive and easy to use as the PointerWare features you’re already used to.
  • Buttonator
    If the PointerWare user you help out loves to regularly keep up with family via Facebook, play a favourite chess game you’ve installed for him on his hard drive, or check out the latest news on the local paper’s website, they are going to love Buttonator. Buttonator lets anyone create custom big buttons that take them easily to their favourite websites or programs that are installed on their hard drive. No more having to remember or type in complicated website addresses, or fiddle with finding icons outside of PointerWare.
  • Sent Mail and Outbox
    Can’t recall if you responded to someone’s email or remember if that thank-you note got sent? No worries – the answer is one click away with our new Sent Mail and Outbox Viewer.

Upgrade Now – It’s Free!

You can help the PointerWare user in your life upgrade now for free. Simply go to our website, download the latest version of PointerWare and install it over your exisiting PointerWare location (usually C:\Pointerware).

Let Us Know What You Think

We’re always looking for new ways to improve PointerWare for the people who are using it. Once you and the PointerWare user(s) you support have had a chance to try out these new features, we’d love to hear what you think. Click here to drop us a line with your feedback.

Thanks for being a PointerWare supporter.

– Posted by Karen

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